2017. 7. 13. 16:41

How to learn English with children’s books.

How to learn English with children’s books.

1. Just reading (Don’t look up word in the dictionary. if there is a word you don’t know, you guess it)

2. Searching the book on Youtube and listening how to pronounce it (or if there is CD, you listen to it)

3. Read to practice your pronunciation. (out loud)

I read children’s books in the library on every day. This is a great way to learn English. Because I love reading children’s books. I will read all the books in the library.

To this date, I’ve read these books.

1. In the fiddle is a song

2. The castle that had hiccups

3. the very busy day

4. Tuesday

5. Big fish little fish

6. Busy night

7. The Lamb-a-roo

8. Elmira and the stranger

9. The lost teddy

There are just two words I don’t know. so I can understand the plot of these books.

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