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How long did it take you to make your first game?

I’m a super newbie at Unity 3D. I made the Earth and the Moon last day.

How long did it take you to make your first game?

I did write this question on the Facebook group called “Indie Game Developer”.

Here are many game developer’s answers.


Michael Schumann “I made the Earth and the Moon last day” .. One of the great reasons to develop games, you can say crazy stuff like that lol. Anyways, depends on where you start. I started with a big project and it took about a year. Big mistake, but I figured it out in the end. I would say start with small simple games and work your way up.

Shibli Mansuri Great , 5 more days to create everything else in the universe

Titu Ayub I created my first game in 2 months.

Armen Alijaj You can create a game in 1 hr, 1 day, 1month, 1 year or worst never finish one. Stay focused and watch tutorials online.

Gabriel Silva de Almeida I belive 1 or 2 months

Sebastian Stanescu-jacobsen Browserbased pingpong: took Me a few hours

Caleb Graves My first game took two years, and I only have two different Let’s Plays of it and two demos. I then went on to make a second game, that’s been in development most of this year lol. I learnt lack of resourse can really hurt development lol, but the joy of discussing things with you guys makes being a indie game dev my fav part of my life right now! So thank you everyone!

Kc Wittbot 3ish months

Hema Chandran B It took 4 months for me.

Logan Branjord Probably 1 week on my ti-83 and I had so much fun!

Caleb Graves Well as our fellow frends here have shown, however long it takes, just keep at it and do not give up! You’ll reach your goals in time! And believe in yourself!

Danny Clear 2 month basic infinite running

Nuttawut Yimcharoen I’m noob so 2 year

Mike Kvaich That’s something i kinda want to do for practice but i wanna create a earth with a large meteor hitting it and practice with effects

Andres Aguilera 1 month

Ben Pritchard Define “game”.

The first game I wrote was a one-on-one spaceship-v-alien thing BASIC on the Amstrad CPC464. It took an evening and was about 200 lines of code. I was about 12 at the time.

The first game I released was “The Curse of Bolda” on the Atari ST in 1994 using STOS Basic and 68000 assembly language. It was code-complete in about three months, though I then spent another nine procrastinating before finishing off the level design and getting it out the door.

The first game I wrote on a PC was “Lone Star Defence Installation” in 2005, using DarkBasic. It took about a week and was a good learning exercise, but not what I would call anywhere near release-quality.

The first game I released on a mobile platform was AstroSwag on Windows Phone. It took about four months, although the majority of the game code was done in the first two weeks.

The first game I released on a console was Bopscotch on the Xbox360. It took about year.

I am very proud to say that I have never released a reskin nor have I sold out and released anything I simply hacked together for the sake of trying to make money – every game I have made and released is because it is a game I wanted to make and thought good enough that someone else might enjoy it.

I am currently working on Bullion Game – my first game in Unity, after over 20 year experience in programming games myself. It will take as long as it takes. But when it does get released, the finished product will be the collective sum of my team’s vision, not some half-baked attempt to make a quick buck. My only hope is that others will perceive it this way and judge it accordingly.

Andrew Hawkins 4 months

Leontin Andrei I’m still working on my game and I started 2 months ago. It preety much depends on the complexity of your game, so don’t worry. Watch some tutorials, buy some good courses about unity and you will be able to create your own game in no time

Alex Gelinas About 6 months =) I took my time

James Andrew Coote My first game, I spent 18 months on it before realising it’d take another 18 months to finish. So I dropped it and moved on. One day I’ll get round to finishing it, since it was kinda my dream game

Shahryar Saqib My first game was a little blob guy on a plane, which ran after food, digested it, pooped and then started looking for more food hahaha i love that guy hahaha wanted to make it into a whole eco system of blobs, but never got around to it, got busy in other projects

Katherine Alice Riverwood My first game (selftaught) took a year, doing college while living down the hall from a violent alcoholic, then being homeless through Early Access. I released the game to Steam and it did okayish- far different in quality from my later games due to tonnes of experience though. But still better reviews than NMS.

Now my latest game has taken 6 months, has been covered by places like RPS, and is a far higher quality made game. Learning takes a lot of time

Teddy Kossoko one week. It was a space shooter

Ilia Glizerin still making it

Tim Pounds not as long as it took me to realize the earth isn’t a globe

Nicholas Willcox 3 months, but it was a crap game, is on my website and no one plays it….except for the people i want to annoy.

Radu Costandache 3 days. Competition, we never heard of unity but it’s what we had to use. We got people’s choice award to say so, not an official prize but you can tell by the crowd cheering

Lorence Buzon 3 days here. Although games made in a short period of time i dont like to call games. Im currently working on a “game” that will take me about 2 years or more.

Laurent Moss 3 months , not even a game , just some assets and a map + some scripts , here’s the link : http://forum.unity3d.com/…/a-new-zombie-survival…/and ( remove the and at the end )

Fatty Mieo My whole holidays which is about 2 months, spent the time on Warcraft III World Editor working on a map. BTW, it happens a long time ago

Jaylon Caldwell I believe one month total, but i didnt work on it for a long period in between

Euegene Pavlov A month I watched the instructional video. Then did a very, very, very simple game for Ludum Dare. Then another month of improved on it. Finally posted to Google Play. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details…

Costras Denisa Depends on what type of game and the complexity

While in school we did a…16 level 3d platformer in 3 months. But this was a group effort including a class of level designers a group of animators and a group of modelers.

Aniket R Shintre 2 months, one year later i mean now still learning different concepts almost watched 600 to 700 video tutorials focus is on learning more

So Yee Yeung 2 years, paperboy retro modern take:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details…

Lucas Ernesto Kindinger This was my first game in Unity:


This project took three weeks to “finish”. We start from scratch in unity, to a 3D game.

Kirk James still making it two years in!meant to add link https://youtu.be/n7nwPVzmAFo showing progress – also I would recommend the Unity Learn tutorials -all of them

Mikołaj Dereszewski I made my first game in C++ when I was 11. It was a choice-based escape game, where you have to pick the right choices (switch, C++). It took me about 3 hours.

My first game in Unity3D I created 2 years later, it was a copy of Slender and it took me about a week to create. Good luck with your game!

Vic just about one, one eternity :p

Renee Nejo 3 years with a small team

Joseph Wilhems ^Same.

Michael Gribbin My first game was a flash game that took about 1.5 years from start to finish with my friends, and it completely bombed. Every game after that has been less than 1 year. My most successful games (by total downloads, not revenue) are often the simple ones that get thrown together in < 2 months and have some simple novelty about them.

The first thing you need to get used to is that other people don’t care as much about the thing you’ve made as you do. You might pour 2 years into your first project and have it completely bomb, but for me that was a great place to start. If my first game had been super popular, I’m not sure I would have been able to replicate the success, but making small improvements every time I release a title feels great!

Hiski Mamaegääp Best thing to do is to pick up a thing that you like to do, and get very good at it. Then partner up.

Daht-kid Joe Miller does any of your complete games make money?

the reason why am asking is because I do gaming developments and animations and still in high school wasn’t sure if it would make cash to make me rich oh and I right short stories mostly bout my life sometimes I put them in animations

Benjamin Burnes 10 months in, still working on it 😀

Fred Faresjr I suggest make your 1st game simple. Then publish it to get a win under your belt. The next step would be to either expand that game or start another one!

Ace Lobos 1 month and still working on it!

Check out if you have time 🙂


Kirk James open quotes ” I’m a super newbie at Unity3D… [just] made the earth and moon ” close quotes.

blimey! – when I was a supernoob, first thing I made was a new folder!

Larissa Redeker Three months, a 2D game. And because the project was corrupted one day and I needed to make everything again. At least the scripts weren’t lost :/

Tim Pounds my first game was a pong remake. with an old version of gamemaker on a windows 98 machine. it felt like 5 minutes

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