2017. 7. 13. 16:47

I have lived on Jeju for two years.

I have lived on Jeju for two years. Many things have changed. First of all, my youngest son was born. I lost my job. Then I started my business about ebook publishing. I’m trying to make a game. It’s very hard. I’m trying to learn English.  It’s very hard too. Why did I decide to do things the hard way?

I want to be a good dad. I don’t know when I will get there.

Many people came Jeju island and returned to the mainland. Some people could not find a job to earn a living. Some people were feeling lonely and bored. There are a lot of apartments and hotels being built in Jeju. I saw a lighting bug when I first arrived in Jeju. But they’re gone now.

I don’t know how long will I live here. I will have fun while I am here.

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