2017. 7. 13. 16:40

What’s the key to being a great dad?

I asked my Facebook friends. There are their answer.


Hyun-wook Doh Continued interest and encouragement?!

Marc Moon no shortcut there is.

Emanuel Serra Everyone’s different.

For me I think it’s the same as keys to being a great mom:

1. Be the example.

2. Give them their autonomy (I interpret as hear them, encourage their opinions, let them try and fail at some things)

3. Encourage talking out the tough feelings, solicit/offer options.

4. Be there. (Share their experiences. The discipline stuff will matter much more if you are there with them in the good times too.)

5. Be predictable in certain things, especially boundaries.

For me it started with admitting I knew nothing about how to raise a child based on my upbringing. So I made peace with abandoning my instincts and became the annoying parenting book guy for a while. (Now since #2 I can go off-book). Best move I ever made.

Brian Yamaguchi Communicate. Don’t be a buddy. Allow them to fail. Be a safe harbor. Share. Be involved. Backup your wife. If I think of more, I’ll tell you tomorrow.

Chun SungKwon Trust… so be nice to your wife as much as before marriage.

Children learn by watching not listening.

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