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logistics final exam

1. Why is supply chain management more popular today than, say twenty years ago?

2. How can a small business like a local sandwich shop or bicycle shop benefit from supply chain management?

3. Do you think larger firms can succeed more easily than smaller firms in SCM? Why or why not?

4. What role do you think "trust" plays in the practice of SCM?

5. Explain backward vertical integration. What are the advantages of outsourcing compared to backward vertical integration?

6. When should a firm outsource instead of making the items in-house?

7. What factors should be considered while choosing suppliers?

8. Why should an organization be concerned with supplier relationships?

9. Why many companies rushed to implement ERP at the turn-of-the-century?

10. What are the advantages of ERP over the legacy MRP system?

11. Explain the primary concerns and objectives of JIT.

12. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using JIT II supplier relationships?

13. Why are transportation and warehousing important issues in supply chain management?

14. What is the ultimate goal of supply chain management?

15. What are the major three trends of Logistics Management? And the focus on speed has on direct impacts on three areas of logistical operations, what are they?


와우, 영어 수업 드디어 끝난다~
영어 공부는 정말 해야한다.
다들 영어공부 열심히 합시다 ^^

저거 답 다 영작하려면....

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