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2008. 3. 13. 18:23

그래픽스 프로그래밍 및 실습 첫 강의

OPEN GL Superbible 3/E 상세보기
. 지음 | Sams 펴냄
OPENGL SuperBible, Third Edition is a comprehensive, hands-on guide that provides everything you need to program with the new version of OPENGL. This newly expanded edition covers OPENGL 1.5, OPENGL 2.0's Shading Language, ARB low-level shader extensions, and programming details for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Designed for programmers who want to master OPENGL and expand their knowledge of graph
Open GL (super BIBLE)
cg로 배우는 쉐이더 프로그래밍
Beginning Open GL

objectives of this lecture

1. understand the graphics Pipeline.

2. know what graphic APIs are and how to use it.

3. pave the way for a computer graphics expert.

What is Open GL ?

The programmer's interface
- programmer sees the graphics system through an interface : the Application programmer

사용하기 좋다
성능이 좋다
다이렉트는 다이렉트만 가능 open gl 은 3D 그래픽에만 초점 Focused of rendering.



Open GL is a state machine. 
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